3217 Cornell Ave.
Big Spring, TX 79720
Marcia Bennett
Lot bsx_1457
Auction Closes: Monday Sept. 14th, 2020 @ 9pm CST

If a bid is placed within the 5 minutes of the close time the bidding will
continue and the lot will not close until 5 minutes after the last bid is placed.

If  you have questions about this lot, please contact the Consignor.

Payment must be received within 10 days of the close of the auction,
UNLESS other payment arrangements are made with the Consignor.

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

Ronnie Uptegraft
Phone: 231-649-1483
PPR 541
ABBI#  10103322
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
Stand Up CP 47
ABBI# 10002335
CP 114-10
ABBI# 10007095
GRC W145
ABBI#  10010856
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
MO 69
ABBI#  10002906
Bloyd X2
ABBI#  10200857
DOB    2/10/2018  
She is sired by Kish's Victory Dance, a son of Kish's Crystal Ball NFR Finals Bull.  Crustal
Ball is Producing. He has too many sons to list, however a couple are:
849 Crystal Deal, PRCA BBOY
801 On the Rocks
Crystal Ball is a son of Kish's Cash, PBR/NFR Finals Bull.
The paternal grand dam is Kish 218, a daughter of
Vindicator, NFR/PBR Finals Bull.

She is selling with her 2020 Heifer Calf @ side.
Baby Red
ABBI# 10240745
DOB:  3/28/2020  
Sire: 313 The Legend
ABBI#  10159760
Hou's Back X Bloyd 021 (812 Blenderhead daughter)

She was AI'd 7/01/2020 to 25 to Life for a 2021 calf.

25 To Life
ABBI#   10027311

Sire: Houdini 329
ABBI#   10001769
White Sports Coat X CP 6 (Plummer)

Dam: MS 0
ABBI#   10003825
Big Bend X Plummer

He is sired Houdini 329, the number one producing sire in the industry! His dam, MS 0 is a
Big Bend daughter. 2
5 to Life is FULL Brother to:
Night Life PBR Finals Bull
Wildlife PBR Finals Bull
911 Ground Zero PBR Finals Bull
just to mention some of his FULL Brothers!

Location: Manton   MI
Possible 3 in One
812 Red
Kish's Victory Dance daughter
ABBI#    10219783    DOB:   2/10/2018  
Not Available
Not Available
812 Red
ABBI#   10219783
Kish 005
ABBI#  10016841
273 Vindicator
ABBI# 10006572
Kish's Victory Dance
ABBI#    10095554
Kish 218
ABBI#  10016899
220 Kish's Crystal Ball
ABBI#  10036451
Kish's Cash
ABBI#  10005132
Kish 906
ABBI#  10016985